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Acknowledging Creatures of the Earth

ACE Coinage "Acknowledges Creatures of the Earth" through a series of hand-crafted collectible coins. Our goal is to produce works of art that you will keep forever, while raising awareness about some of our planet's most fascinating creatures. 

All ACE Coinage designs begin as thoroughly researched concepts developed in collaboration between our natural science illustrator, artist Michael Rothman, and our staff writer, journalist Eric Karlan. 

After ACE chooses an animal to enshrine, Rothman creates an initial sketch before enhancing the image with the dazzling colors of that creature's natural habitat. 

These designs are then minted for limited circulation as timeless collectible coins.

Finally, Karlan writes the story behind every ACE Animal, providing details of its lifestyle, conservation status, and place in the natural world. These stories can be found in educational fliers that come packaged with each coin, as well as on our website.